You'll Love Shabbos!

The perfect monthly subscription box to get for kids to be excited for Shabbos and to rescue them from boredom...and of course (wink) to keep them busy so parents can have a peace of mind!

1. Choose it!

It's so simple! 

Just select the type of subscription that works best for your family and your budget, and we'll take care of the details to make sure that your kids get an amazing package each month!

2. Open it!

Even you will want a sneak a peek before the kids see it! Discover a "Shabbos-friendly" game, toys, treats, Jewish Cards, and other surprise items, to enhance your Shabbos!

3. Love it!

It's a kids paradise - a fun goody box- including a unique selection of products that can entertain your kids with all their senses and have them loving Shabbos in no time!


The Perfect Solution for all reasons!

Your kids get bored on Shabbos.

You want to make the kids happy!

Your grandchildren live far away.

You want to help a family with someone struggling with a medical condition.

You're going through a hard time, and it would lift the kids spirits!

You'd like your kids to be more social on Shabbos.

You know someone with older kids that just had a baby.

You love getting your kids something unique! 

Shabbos, Shabbat, Sabbath...

However you pronounce it, 

you'll love this box:)